Metallic Ply Pickguard Material sheets

Metallic Patterned Pickguard Material Sheets.

These materials are uniquely produced by us and are 3 ply with Silver or Gold traits in the design. . Greasy Groove Inc. manufactures most of our pickguard sheet stock in house which allows us provide you with the most unique designs and prints that you will find anywhere. The designs here can have all colors but carry a metallic Silver or Gold element incorporated into the design. The ultimate in classic designs with added Pizzaz. Whether you call it extra bling or eye catching, the results speak out to you with stunning results. Talk to us if you need something special, we here to help you. We go way beyond our stock of pickguard sheets of 1 ply, 3 ply, 4 ply, pearloid, sparkle and tortoise pickguard materials. We can produce the most hard wearing pickguard materials with printed patterns or designs that you will find in the market. We have America's largest selection of pickguard materials.  

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