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Ivory - '61 ReIssue SG

Solid Color '61 ReIssue SG Pickguard
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IVORY-SG-GIB-'61 ReIssue-R
Ivory - '61 ReIssue SG is a fabulous Greasy Groove Solid Color/Acrylic Custom Pickguard designed to fit a Gibson® '61 ReIssue SG®. Make your guitar an original with this awesome Pickguard! Please check the "Will It Fit" tab to ensure proper fit. If what we have doesn't match your model please visit the Custom Shop page. Available in left hand.
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Product Name Ivory - '61 ReIssue SG
SG® Models '61 ReIssue
Material Type/Style Solid Color/Acrylic
Short Description Solid Color '61 ReIssue SG Pickguard
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